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At Nayan Netralaya, we are dedicated to ensuring that you see the world through clear and healthy eyes. As a leading eye care center in the region, we bring together a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists who are committed to your eye health.

Our comprehensive services cover a wide range of eye conditions, making us your one-stop destination for all things related to your eyes.

Specialities and Treatments

Preparing For Your Wellness, We Provide Truly Prominent Health care


Cataract Treatment

Cataract surgeries have now become painless, blade-free, and safe. In case you experience blurred, double, or poor night vision contact your doctor immediately.


Complete Refractive Solutions

If the burden of glasses or changing contact lenses has been bothering you a bit too much, it’s time to consider investing in LASIK laser eye surgery.


Retina Treatment

Treatments like Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Detachment, Ruptured Retina, etc., can be cured with laser surgery, without causing damage to the retina.


Glaucoma Treatment

Also referred to as “thief in the night”, Glaucoma often shows no early symptoms, and gradually leads to permanent loss of vision.


Cornea Treatment

The cornea plays a vital role in vision. If the cornea of your eye gets damaged either through infection or injury, do not delay!


Pediatric Ophthalmology

To keep your child away from eye disorders, like Squint, Amblyopia, etc., it’s important to identify and treat them at an early age.

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Nayan Netralaya EYE HOSPITAL


Our Mission

Nayan Netralaya eye hospital is committed to being a leading provider of eye health care services by delivering high quality outcomes for patients and ensuring long term profitability.

Why Nayan Netralaya

We are caring, progressive, enjoy our work and use a positive spirit to succeed.
We take pride in our achievements and actively seek new ways of doing things better.
We value integrity, credibility, and respect for the individual.
We build constructive relationships to achieve positive outcomes for all.
We believe that success comes through recognizing and encouraging the value of people and teams.
We aim to grow our business while maintaining sustainable levels of profitability, providing a basis for stakeholders' loyalty.

Our Values

Integrity:Our commitment to business ethics, fairness, honesty, and transparency is equally important to us, as is to achieving business success. At the end of the day, we feel proud not only of the goals we have achieved but the way we have used to achieve them.

Innovation: We believe we can make a difference only by thinking beyond our expectations. Before every action we take, we always consider new paths, to bring true value to the healthcare facilities, patients and their families

Commitment to Excellence: We always aim high and demand the best from ourselves along with our partners. Success does not make us complacent. For everything we do, we always question ourselves whether there is a better way to do it; and if there is, we follow it.

Respect for human life: We commit to provide the best and the most advanced medical facilities to patients. We believe in giving back to the society, so that we can improve the lives of people who need it the most.